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Open Collaboration

Everybody contributes
to data validation

Open Data

Everybody can have data
because nobody owns them

Open Source

Everybody can improve
the source code

What is Scientilla?

SCIENTILLA is an application made to organize bibliographic metadata of scientific publications.

SCIENTILLA offers a unique identification tool for authors' publications. It validates Organizations and Researchers' profiles and allows clustering of customized subject categories.

Download SCIENTILLA and DEFINE YOUR PROFILE - you will get unique identification by entering just a few information about you.

IDENTIFY your publications - you will certify, show and share them with the scholarly research community.

So LET's WORK TOGHETER to improve and refine data continuously.

Why use Scientilla?

SCIENTILLA is a simple, intuitive and trustable tool to share and promote Research and Researchers.

For the first time here is an application designed for you.
With SCIENTILLA you can organize and validate your scientific research and arrange your pubblications using a customized subject category highlighting your main research areas.
You can show what you do.

With SCIENTILLA you can solve the author ambiguity problem, manage your publication lists and share them actively with the scholarly research community.
You can show who you are.

How does Scientilla work?

This application enables data sharing through a modality based on the same concept as a peer-to-peer network.

There is NOT a client-server architecture.

There are NOT data owners as everybody can view, download and contribute to validating all the data present in the network.

And ALL this using a software released under the most permissive OpenSource license (MIT) to enhance users' confidence!

Download Scientilla!

Scientilla is in Beta phase and the whole source code is available through GitHub.

The Scientilla Team

Elisa Molinari

Elisa Molinari

Project Manager &

Eleonora Palmaro

Eleonora Palmaro

Product Specialist &

Federico Bozzini

Federico Bozzini

Software Developer &

Community Contributors

Antonio De Luca  ¦  Co-Inventor  ¦   ¦